Pots, hanging baskets and window boxes are perfect for balcony gardens, patios and even window sills and front door steps.  Even in a large garden, a container garden area will add height and scale along with interest and beauty.

The style of planters you choose for your outdoor space allows you to complete your overall garden look and compliment your choice of plants.  Whether you are going for a chic, minimalistic style or a colourful cottage garden theme, we have the perfect pots for you.

Bring your empty pots, hanging baskets or window boxes to us.  Tell us the type of plants you like and our horticulturists will beautifully plant them for you.  Depending on seasonality, we also sell pre-planted pots here at Kilcannon Garden Centre.

Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots evoke thoughts of bright Mediterranean coastal towns and charming French villages. Because it is so porous, terracotta is perfect for hot weather.  The pot will absorb excess water in the stone and it will be soaked up by the soil as it becomes dry.

These pots are stunning when filled with Summer bedding plants  such as Geraniums and also lavenders and miniature roses.  These are beautiful for herb gardening and to help create a cottage garden look.

Glazed Pots

For a riot of colour, fun and excitement in your garden, choose one of our glazed pots in every shade!  Clash with bright bedding plants such as petunia or polyanthus for a true explosion of colour.  Or carefully co-ordinate your scheme by selecting pots and plants in complementary colours.

To really showcase your plants and flowers, choose a muted colour, such as white or grey.  Whites and greys are also well suited to architectural style gardens or structural gardens and are wonderful to showcase plants with dramatic foliage, alpines and ornamental grasses.

These pots are frost proof and so can be left outdoors throughout the Winter.

Hanging Baskets

Even if you’ve no garden, a hanging basket by the front door can satisfy green fingers as it is possible to create a wonderful display for every season of the year.

We are renowned for our colour filled Summer hanging baskets.  Drop in to view our range.

If you would rather create your own, we have wicker and plastic baskets available.

Window Boxes

At Kilcannon Garden Centre, we have window boxes available in many sizes.

Create a kitchen garden box by planting scented herbs, tomato plants,  or strawberry plants.

Window boxes are very effective for Spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils and tulips.  For a Mediterranean style, choose blooms in vivid reds, bright purples and pure whites.  The delicate petals and trailing stems of many cottage garden plants will give a romantic look.  Or in Winter, cyclamen, ivy or berried plants will be very impactful.

Alternatively, leave it to us!  We have pre-planted window boxes, so all you’ll have to do is place it on your sill, keep it watered and enjoy!

Check out our range of bedding plants, shrubs and grasses that are perfect for pots and hanging baskets.  We have a large range of herb seeds.  Start indoors in early Spring and plant out in pots and window boxes in Summer.