At Astro Active Centre, our qualified and experienced fitness instructors deliver a range of fitness classes for varying levels of fitness.  Whether you are looking for a vigorous cardio workout or gentler, toning exercises, we have a class for you.All classes are designed for adults of all ages and take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing.

Our classes aim to:

  • increase fitness levels
  • promote achieving or maintaining a healthy weight
  • improve body strength and condition
  • encourage a positive mental attitude and healthy mind
  • be a fun, enjoyable experience

Classes are open to members and non-members, aged 16 years and over.

Class Timetable valid from August 2022



Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Mums Bums & Tums


 starts 5th Sept


starts 7th Sept

Body Fit

7:00pm* 7:00pm*

Flexi stretch



5.30pm & 7pm Class dates TBC

Strength & Tone

coming soon!
Older Adults Chair Yoga


New Term starts 6th September

6 week block

*Denotes ‘Pay as You Go’ classes. Due to limited spaces please pre book your class online via the ‘Book Now’ links below.

Our standard classes are pay as you go classes and are offered free to annual members booking is essential


Mums Bums & Tums

This class is designed specifically with the stomach, hip, bum and thigh areas of the body in mind. It is open for all to attend but is particularly mindful of women who have recently had a baby.  You are even welcome to bring your baby along.  The class is based around cardio and resistance exercises either using baby as your resistance or free weights.  It is suitable for post-natal from 6 weeks or 12 weeks after c-section.€6 per class for non-members,€4 per class for 6-month, 3-month and 1-month members. Free for annual members. Block of 6 €30, or Pay as you go €6. Please note no Classes during school midterm 31st October and 2nd November. Please contact reception to book or use our online booking.

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Body Fit

This is a fast-paced class focusing on fat reduction and muscle toning.  It is full-body workout of cardio exercises and muscular endurance. Beginners welcome. This class will increase your fitness levels and help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight.€6 per class for non-members, €4 per class for 6-month, 3-month and 1-month members Free for annual members. Book a block of 6 sessions for €30. Maximum capacity 10 participants.
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Flexistretch is a gentle stretching class using dynabands and light exercises.  It will improve flexibility and overall muscle strength and can help as part of a weight loss program.  This class is targeted towards older adults (over 50) but it can also be suitable for pregnant women* or as part of a rehabilitation programme.**Doctors clearance will be required.€4 per class for non-members, €3 per class for 6-month, 3-month and 1-month members. Free for annual members. Maximum capacity 10 participants.
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Pilates workouts promote strength, flexibility and core stability.  These are benefits you will take from our class and feel when going about your everyday life.  Pilates will also improve posture, help reduce joint pain, improve balance, help to prevent injury and aid recovery.  The benefits are many but will certainly leave you feeling energised, your body more toned and reduce fatigue and tension. These classes are mat-based, suitable for beginner and intermediate levels and run in 6-week blocks.€30 per 6-week block. Classes are finished for the summer and we will confirm restart dates soon. For expression of interest please contact reception directly 053 9236678/ 087 7050357.

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Older Adult Chair Yoga

This is a gentle, chair-based exercise class that focusses on both your physical and mental health.  For the body, you will notice improvement in your balance, stability, flexibility, joint health, breathing and circulation.  For the mind, this calming class will reduce anxiety, encourage mindfulness and release tension.  These classes run in 5-6-week blocks.  We recommend that participants check with their GP prior to commencing and a certificate may be required for certain cases. €7 pay as you go or €30 per 6-week block. Next block of sessions starts 25th October 2022
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Older Adult Pilates

Learn new ways to challenge your body by increasing strength, flexibility and core stability.  You will feel the benefits as outlined above but the class is particularly mindful of the needs of older people.These classes are mat-based, suitable for beginners and run in 6-week blocks.€30 per 6-week block. Currently not available

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All classes above are 45 minutes in duration, open to men and women and carried out by our fully qualified fitness instructors.


Hire for Fitness Classes

Our astro pitch, sports hall and fitness studios are available for hire to clubs and fitness instructors to hold their own classes or training.  Contact us for rates and terms of hire. Current classes and training taking place are listed below.  If you would like to join any of these clubs or classes, please contact the organiser directly at the links below.